Musical ear training is now fun and simple

Critical listening games made for musicians, producers, and audio engineers

Games for all

Whether you're a musician, producer, or audio engineer, ToneCoach can train your ears on the skills you want to practice.

Train anywhere

ToneCoach is available on Android and iOS devices as well as your favorite web browser. Take your ear training progress with you.

Level up!

Start off with multiple choice games and advance to real-world music problems. Your profile levels with you as you progress.

Become the best musician, producer, or audio engineer you can be.

We want to help you achieve the music skills that you dream of having and keep them in shape.

Ear training through critical listening is an effective way to practice your knowledge and skills whether your goal is to play, record, produce, mix, or master music.

The ToneCoach app turns ear training and critical listening into something simple and fun.

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Training your ear with critical listening strategies that adapt to you.

When musicians think of ear training, they think of perfect pitch, notes, intervals, chords, and scales.

When producers and audio engineers think of ear training, terms like frequencies, equalization (EQ), panning, and gain staging come to mind instead.

Practice it all with critical listening games that are tuned to your current skill level.

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Games made for everyone who works with music.

With eight games available now and more coming, there are plenty of ways to train!

Each game starts at the beginner level with multiple choice questions. As your skills progress and your profile levels up, you'll eventually work with real-world problems.

15+ minutes per day is all you need to get started.

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See for yourself how 15 minutes or more of ear training per day will help you become a better musician, producer, or audio engineer.