Learn music theory, audio engineering, and music production

ToneCoach Academy takes the guesswork out of music education

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Tailored courses

Learn the skills you want to learn based on the genre or instrument of your choice.

Course tracks

Follow proven course tracks to learn how to play, record, mix, master, DJ, and manage.

Self-paced lessons

Stream as many course lessons as you want at your own pace. Your progress is autosaved!

Learn how to play, record, mix, master, DJ, and manage in the music industry.

"Music" is a very broad topic! There are many moving parts that turn a song idea into a finished piece that you can stream, hear on the radio, play at a party, or perform live.

ToneCoach Academy has all of the answers you need to learn and practice every part of the song-making process.

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Follow a custom-tailored course track to achieve your music dreams.

Your art will always resemble your taste and style, and your learning path should be just as unique.

When you start studying, you can tell ToneCoach Academy what your goals are by selecting a specific genre or instrument that you want to work with as well as your current skill level - your course track will be customized to you.

Academy takes the guesswork out of learning how to play, make, and manage your music.

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Stream video lessons and learn at your own pace.

Each course track and course contains video lessons, quizzes, and tests to learn and review the skills you want on both a technical and high level.

Study as deep as you want or far as you like and keep track of your progress along the way. All on-demand, all at your own pace, all in one platform.

We want to make cohesive, well-rounded music education available to all music-lovers.

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